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A meditation on the land & economy of Western Guatemala.

Some film schools follow the policy: No story, no camera. "One should always have a story in mind before going out and shooting".
I didn't go to film school. So I went to Colombia without a story and made a film about trying to find one. It became a love story.

American college students lurk around each other on Miami South Beach. You don't need to be a documentary filmmaker to figure out what the males are looking for. The women, on the other hand, leave much to interpretation. Why do they enjoy the awkward tension so much more than the act itself? Or are they just very selective? Who are they kidding? And is it that what separates us from the animal world?
This film either shows the peak of human civilization or its utter decay. (Warning: explicit content)

The St. Patrick's Day celebrations wreak havoc on a segregated and violent US small town. 3 black teenagers get high and submerge themselves in the chaos. They perform a constant stream of poetry, comedy and dance pulling everyone around them into the "good life".

A German film maker sets out to interview Colombian drug addicts. A small donation gets him access to their inner world and them a days' supply of 'basuco', one of the most toxic and addictive drugs in the world. But after the interview, the characters refuse to leave the stage and finishing the documentary becomes a hazardous task on the edge of catastrophe. A tale about risk.

Kundan fled from an abusive father in Bihar and came to Delhi alone as a teenager. Homeless but persistently ambitious, he pulled all strings in a corrupt and violent administration to become the paid caretaker of the homeless shelter that he lives in. But he wants much more. The next step is to found his own family. The sooner the marriage the better - ideally this Monday. Or maybe Sunday. Having a wife and children, he hopes, will motivate him to work even harder. Urban dreams meet love and tradition in a world where 50 rupees can get you killed. A different kind of monsoon wedding.

Just like I did, my nephew grows up in an immigrant culture bubble. In this film I try to see the world through his eyes as he encounters confusing creatures from the outside world at his 3rd birthday party. Apart from the culture shock, there are more fundamental obstacles: he does not know yet whether toy pistols actually hurt, whether anyone else feels pain at all, and when it is allowed to cause it. Civilization is built in tedious little steps by parents in living rooms like this. For Chirshubhra Turya Dev and all the parents in the world.

Anderson is at a decisive point in his life: He thinks it's time to found a family. And he has found Ms. Right - online. But she only arrives in one week's time from travels abroad, so this is his last chance to rule out all other options. A big crush from 2 years ago haunts him and he has to find out if she is actually the better match. All he knows is that she used to work on Times Square, so he boards the train to New York and embarks on a search.